Golf Mentality – Golf Pros vs the Average Golfer

What do you know about golf mentality?  You have heard from the experts, i.e. golf professionals, about how important the mental side of golf is to their performance.  The pros have a consistent, relaxed swing each and every time.  Their swings are well established and practiced over and over again.

The Golf Professionals' Approach to the Mental Part of the Game

Mentally, the pros don’t think about hitting the fairway with their drives.  They think about which side of the fairway gets them the best angle to the pin.

Pros don’t think about hitting the green with their approach shots.  They think about how close they can get to the pin.

They don’t think about getting putts close to the hole.  They focus on making the putt.

They can think this way because their swings are so perfect.  

The Average Golfer's Mental Approach

All the rest of us golfers have other things to think about.  "Am I standing too close to the ball?"  "Am I aimed correctly?" "I need to avoid that bunker on the left". "I hope I can get this putt close".

It’s true that the average golfer should spend most of their time working on their swing but understanding the mental side of the game can help improve your performance. 

Golf Mentality for the Rest of Us

Do you get angry on the course?  Frustrated?  Throw clubs?  You must control your emotions on the golf course.

Are you always worried about hooks and slices?  Are you concerned that you will miss your putt?  You need to be thinking all positive thoughts when playing…

When you play in tournaments, do you get extremely nervous?  Do you struggle with short putts you need to make?  You need to strengthen your mindset and that can be done with hypnosis.

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About the author, Tom Laessig

Tom is an avid golfer and hypnotherapist. He specializes in working with golfers to improve their golf performance by working on the mental aspects of the game.

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