Tiger Woods Has Advice for His Son



Tiger Woods teaches his son, Charlie, about the mental part of golf as they had a great weekend of golf together.  The team took 2nd in the PNC Championship after not making any bogeys the whole tournament.  In an interview with Golf Digest, Tiger describes the piece of advice he gave his son.

“His temper carries over into another shot, another shot, another shot and compounds itself. [I said to him] Son, I don’t care how mad you get, just as long as you’re 100 percent committed to the next shot. That’s all that matters. That next shot should be the most important shot in your life. It should be more important than breathing. Once you understand that concept, then I think you’ll get better.”

We talk about "Staying in the Present".  The most important shot is the one you are about to take.  Forget about the last shot.  Tiger has a 10 yard rule.  He thinks about his last shot as he walks 10 yards and then forgets about it to focus on his next shot.

The concept of Staying in the Present is so easy to achieve.  Stop getting angry.  Enjoy your round of golf regardless of your past performance.  Some golfers struggle with their emotions on the golf course.  They just can't help themselves.  I have worked with golfers that throw clubs, curse or make horrible sounds after a bad shot.  I use hypnosis to change their mindset for those situations.

Learn to control your emotions on the golf course and you will turn in better scores.

About the author, Tom Laessig

Tom is an avid golfer and hypnotherapist. He specializes in working with golfers to improve their golf performance by working on the mental aspects of the game.

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