Hypnosis for Golf



Hypnosis For Golf

What do you want to achieve on the golf course?  

Why haven’t you?  

Chances are your conscious mind has interfered with the shot you needed to make.

When on the tee box, do you think "Don't pull this left out of bounds"?   Chances are that is where your ball goes.  

When you look at a green beyond a hazard, do you see the green or the hazard?  

On the green, have you ever thought "Don't miss this left"?   I bet you did miss it left!

If you allow a negative thought to enter your mind, your subconscious mind will act on that thought and execute the shot you are trying to avoid. 

Let me show you techniques to overcome negative swing thoughts. I can show you an approach to golf where you can take control of the mental side of your game.

Golf Hypnosis will help you gain confidence and remain calm while on the golf course.

You will make the putts you need to make.

You will hit your drives straight and into the fairway.

Your approach shots will make a birdie possible.

For the competitive golfer, hypnosis will help you win tournaments. You will go into tournaments knowing you will win.   Any nervous feelings in your stomach that you normally get before a tournament will be gone, because you know, you will make the shots to win.

With the handicap system in golf, all golfers are equally capable of winning golf tournaments.

What if you had an edge? Something that no one else has.

Hypnosis can provide that edge as you build confidence and relax. It’s that little edge that will make you successful at golf.

Using hypnosis, you can make changes in your subconscious mind to produce a better golf game.  

Hypnosis is the bypassing of the conscious mind to make valuable changes for you.  

Stop thinking and execute!

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Hypnosis for Golf and Your Mental Game

About the author, Tom Laessig

Tom is an avid golfer and hypnotherapist. He specializes in working with golfers to improve their golf performance by working on the mental aspects of the game.

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